Best Biking & Hiking Trails in Cedar Rapids Area

Biking & Walking Trails

The Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation Department manages over 4,171 acres of property. They offer 1,500 recreation programs annually including 6-8 mile group bike rides in the fall on approved bike trails. The department maintains recreational trails throughout the city for everyone to enjoy throughout the year. There are also nearby state [...]

Why Cedar Rapids is a Great Place to Live

Aerial View of Cedar Rapids Downtown Skyline

Cedar Rapids, Iowa is an affordable place to live with a lot of opportunities. Residents and visitors enjoy shopping and dining downtown; boating, fishing, hiking, bird watching, trail running in the local landscape; and classical music, ballet, and more at a historic downtown theater. People love working and living in one of our country's [...]

Top Things To Do In Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids Waterfront

Adventure, history, and the perfect day at the ballpark are waiting for you in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You, your friends, and your family can enjoy hiking, fishing, boating, and kayaking at a state park. You can take a walk through history by touring one of our many area museums, or simply relax on a country estate with a walk through the [...]

Best Restaurants in Downtown Cedar Rapids

Downtown Restaurant

There are many delicious downtown restaurants in Cedar Rapids waiting for your patronage. When you choose to live here and find the perfect home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa you’ll never be far from a tempting and soul-satisfying culinary delight. Here are some of the best restaurants in downtown Cedar Rapids to explore and [...]

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Character yes, termites no: weighing a vintage home purchase



There’s no doubt about it: Vintage homes built by old-time craftsmen often offer charm, detail and general quirkiness that newer homes just can’t match.

In a National Association of Realtors report this year, nearly one-fifth of the 84 percent of home buyers who opted for pre-owned houses said they preferred older homes for their “charm and [...]

House hunting for people with pet allergies

Boy have a cat on his hands


There are various levels of severity and sensitivity when it comes to pet allergies. Some people’s eyes water up but they can otherwise tolerate a house full of cats for a few hours. Others break out in hives if they so much as enter a house where a dog or a cat has been within the past [...]

Advice for moving with children

Happy Family


Though there may have been a time, perhaps in your 20s, when you couldn’t imagine living anywhere besides that musty apartment you rented above that one bar, it’s common once you start planning a family to find yourself searching for a different kind of housing situation in an altogether different [...]

Can i get my earnest money back?



I had a client ask me this today and, well, as with most things, it depends. There are a few different ways the buyer could get their earnest money back, but I am going to mention two of the most common [...]